• Many Thanks to the Bharat Times!

  • A loving tribute from Teesri Duniya’s: Where the Blood Mixes

    Written by Kevin Loring, directed by Lib Spry, starring Alarey Alsip, Charles Bender, Eric Hausknost, Jeremy Proulx, and Emilee Veluz. (Dumisiszwe Vuyo Bhembe, sound designer is at the bottom of the photo.)

    And we had a beautiful cast party together too. The Montreal theatre season was launched in style!

  • Sweet press from Zoneculture… en français aussi!

    Much love and appreciation to our wonderful Montreal community:
    Say what you will about politics, race, xenophobia, and language issues in Quebec, but when it comes to arts and culture, the love is there. Montreal is the hottest city in the country when it comes to creativity and cross-pollination. When the work is good, it’s just good.

    Congratulations and much gratitude to the cast and all of the creative team.
    We’ve only just begun, bigger and better things are ahead for all of us!

    Richard III: Quelle famille!

    Richard III: My Kingdom for a bigger venue!

  • Introducing cast and Metachroma member…

    QUINCY ARMORER - Duke of Buckingham

    What is your favourite moment or line in Richard III?

    For me, there’s something about the moment when the Duchess of York curses her son, Richard. After the deaths of her husband, sons and grandchildren, that moment stands out as incredibly significant - the reality of her life leaving her no option but to curse her own son. It’s a powerful moment in the play and our Duchess, Julie Tamiko Manning, is astonishingly good!

    What do you want people to know about you?

    I am a lot of different things all at once and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Does Metachromas mandate resonate with you and why?

    I’ve heard a director say, while patting himself on the back, “I’m going to cast that role with a person of colour” - completely unaware that he just decided not to consider anyone of colour for any of the other 14 roles in the production. This happens all the time, where someone thinks they are doing something huge for the promotion of diversity without realizing that they may in fact be doing the exact opposite. I wonder if we, as a people, as a race, are not as progressive as we sometimes like to think we are. Especially in this business. Metachroma Theatre’s mandate is making a very strong statement for the promotion of diversity. Yes, this mandate resonates with me. Greatly.

    What piece of advice would you give to the next generation of actors of colour?

    Study hard, work hard, and audition for any project that interests you. Sometimes people need a little convincing to realize that certain roles can be played by an actor of any race. There is no better way to convince them than by walking in the room and showing them how talented you are because of how hard you work to do what you love to do.

    Whats next for you?


    GLENDA BRAGANZA- Member of Metachroma

    What is your favourite moment in Richard III?

    In Act 4, Scene 4, I love when Richard tells Queen Elizabeth that he wants to take her daughter as his (next) queen. The conversation between them is a wonderful war of words, a biting back and forth that plays out like a fencing match. Both Richard and Queen Elizabeth are gifted and witty speakers; and although they clearly hate each other, they maintain appearances all the while dueling with their words. It’s filled with great lines like, “An honest tale speeds best, being plainly told”, where Elizabeth basically calls Richard out on all his false and flowery talk.

    What do you want people to know about you?

    I am proud to be a visible minority artist in Canada. I have made the most of the opportunities presented to me in order to build a career and develop my work. I’m excited to contribute to a diverse and changing arts landscape with other talented minds.

    Does Metachroma’s mandate resonate with you and why?

    Absolutely. Being an actor of colour, I have faced issues of tokenism, stereotyping, isolation and the confusing concept of “colourblind casting”. Alternately, I have also had the privilege of working with directors and producers who have hired me solely for my skills and have played roles that traditionally would not be given to a non-white actor. These experiences have been thrilling and engaging for both me and the audience, however the fact that I refer to these experiences as “privileges” is precisely why I believe that Metachroma’s mandate is fundamental in evolving Canadian theatre.

    In your journey on the path that is Canadian theatre, what have you learned and what do you want to learn?

    I have learned that it is essential to have our arts reflect and express the reality of the world around us. That world is ever-changing and becoming more diverse day by day. I’ve learned that seeing someONE different on stage is as, if not more, important as seeing someTHING different. How, in the wonderful world of theatre, can we expect to tell a vast array of stories; to explore, play and challenge ourselves and our audiences if we continue to limit the diversity of the artists involved? I want to learn how to break the barriers of perception and tradition that exist on stages and to create theatre that not only leads to change but also includes a wider, more diverse audience as well.

    What piece of advice would you give to the next generation of actors of colour?

    Be brave. Work hard. Know that you are a vital contributor to the world of acting. Although there may not be many people who look like you in the theatre, you belong there. You represent all artists who dream of being heard, felt and seen, regardless of what colour their skin is. The experience, story and character are what captivate us all.

  • Four shows left!

    Some more press about the show! Come catch it before it’s gone… And to sweeten the deal…
    SPECIAL PASSWORD for $10 tickets!!! Just give the Segal box office the password “SAUSAGE HEART” and you can get into Thursday 27th MATINEE @ 1pm for 10 bones!

    The Free Press, page 15 : Production Aims to Break Down Racial Barriers

    The Concordian: “A horse! a horse! my kingdom for a horse!”

    Montreal Gazette: It’s Now or Never for Richard III at the Segal Centre

  • Plays: 0

    Thanks, Orla James!

  • Hé, nos amis francophones!

    Ça vous tente de voir un peu de Shakespeare?

    Plein Espace: Metachroma Theatre

    …et un gros merci à M. Bernard Wheeley au Voir: De Toutes les Couleurs

    et a Mme. Daphne Bathalon à MonTheatre: Richard III

    …et a Mme. Elisabeth Adel de Plein Espace #2: Normalisés

  • Opening night was a resounding success! (Still more press!)

    It was an exciting evening at the Segal Centre for Performing Arts list night, y’all! Many thanks to an incredible team of artists who’ve helped us to launch out inaugural production!

    Here is some more of the preview press:

    CBC As it Happens: September 20th, Part 1, minute 21:45

    Late Night CBC News: Montreal, Minute 23:18

    Cult(MTL): Colourblind Casting

    CTV: What’s On - Shakespeare gets colourful

    The Monitor: The Segal Centre Tackles Richard III

    And check out our first reviews:

    Montreal Gazette:  Metachroma offers balanced execution of Richard III

    Charlebois Post: Metachroma presents a murderous, mad Richard III

    Bloody Underrated: Richard III: Metachroma Theatre

    Rover Arts: Long on Talent, but also long

    But don’t just take our word for it; see it for yourself! Don’t miss this incredible show, playing until September 30, 2012.

  • Still more exciting press for Metachroma Theatre!

    We are so excited about the momentum that is building in anticipation for our inaugural production of Richard III at the Segal Centre for Performing Arts!
    The penny has dropped, and the ripples continue to spread outward…

    Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness history in Canadian theatre being made!

    McGill Alumni Portal: Azeem Nathoo, BA ‘96

    The Concordian, Arts in Brief: Richard III by Metachroma Theatre

    Art & Culture Maven: Metachroma Theatre Montreal: Richard III September 19-30 2012 

    McGill Tribune: A literary classic in a modern light

    Montreal Community Contact: Metachroma opens Richard III on Sept. 20

    Watch out for Metachroma Theatre on the next edition of CBC’s As it Happens!

  • Introducing 3 more cast members…

    LUCINDA DAVIS- Lady Anne Neville, Young York, and a messenger for Lord Stanley.

    What is your favourite moment in Richard III?

    The scene when Richard convinces the mayor of London and the “troops of citizens” what a good and gentle Christian he is, and that this crown is being ‘forced’ upon him.

    What do you want people to know about you?

    Great things come in small packages.

    Does Metachroma’s mandate resonate with you and why?

    As artists, our talents and passions are often limited by the opportunities made available to us.  As storytellers, we are all assuming a role and are inviting the audience to go along with us on a journey.  No one expects the entire cast of Romeo and Juliet to be Italian, despite being set in Verona.   Merchant of Venice has been performed with the actor playing Shylock not being of Jewish descent.  And how many of us have had to learn dialects of areas we were not native to.  All have been accepted and embraced by audience members.  All skin colors carry with them a history and heritage that is personal to that individual.  Seeing my skin color doesn’t mean you can identify my heritage.  And since we are all just acting and assuming a part, I am interested to know how/if/should my heritage affects the story.  I would love for the Canadian mosaic to also be reflected on the Canadian stages.

    What piece of advice would you give to the next generation of actors of colour?

    In the early stages of my career, if I had auditioned for a role and not gotten it, I would of course be devastated and believe that I should quit.  My mother used to say: “What IS for you, can’t be UN-for you.”  It got me through many disappointments, and taught me to just say “Eh, that one was just not for me.”
    The struggle for opportunity in the arts is rampant for everyone.  You will always feel that your potential is limited.  And there will always be that balance of waiting for the roles that are perfect you and doing the roles that are given to you.  Being female, black, short and not a super model has not prevented me from having access to amazing shows and wonderful experiences.  Just do it, and find your joy.

    What’s next for you?

    I will be in playing Billie in Black Theatre Workshop’s production of Harlem Duet.  Oh!  And definitely laundry.


    MEILIE NG- Marquess of Dorset, 2nd Murderer, Prince Edward

    What is your favourite moment or line in Richard III?

    When Buckingham is basically naming Richard King, Mike and Walter always kneel late due to their reticence. Doesn’t sound funny on paper, but you have to see their comic timing; it’s ingenious.

    Does Metachroma’s mandate resonate with you and why?

    When I was a teen, I didn’t know who to identify with.  Me, a Chinese looking girl, was born in Québec, Canada to Mauritian (African country where 70% of the population are Indians) parents. To the Chinese, I wasn’t one of them because I couldn’t speak Chinese. I wasn’t Mauritian either because I wasn’t born there and had an accent when speaking Creole. To the Canadians’ I was Québecoise and to the Québecois I wasn’t Pure Laine.  So what was I? It wasn’t until I identified myself as CanAfricAzn that I was able to embrace myself and let go of my label. Only then was I able to learn the required Chinese accent for auditions, without ever being a real Chinese. But I always wondered why? Why must I learn an accent that I don’t even really represent? Why was it essential to my casting as soon as I got out of Theatre School. Metachroma doesn’t ask us to come in with a label to fit into; it just asks us for us.

    In your journey on the path that is Canadian theatre, what have you
    learned and what do you want to learn?

    I learned that I want to thank my peers for asking the questions, for undertaking the fights, for taking the stance, for opening the doors to opportunity, for prying open the minds to the reality of multicultural Canada; for essentially permitting me to be here, playing a prince of England! And if we keep standing for diversity, who knows, maybe next time I’ll be telling you the story of Joan of Arc.

    What piece of advice would you give to the next generation of actors of colour?

    I don’t have much experience to speak from nor would my counsel be backed up with much wisdom, but I would say: Embrace your difference,  and let it be a strength, without letting it define you.

    What’s next for you?

    Les Fourberies de Scapin by Molière with Théâtre Français de Toronto


    AMRIT SANGER- Catesby, Brackenbury.

    What is your favourite moment or line in Richard III?

    Richard: Thus high, by that advice, and thy assistance,

    Is King Richard seated:

    But shall we wear these glories for a day?

    Or shall they last, and we rejoice in them?

    What do you want people to know about you?

    I play Catesby and Brackenbury.

    Does Metachroma’s mandate resonate with you and why?

    I think Metachroma is doing something really special here. Given our increasingly broad demographic in this country, Canadian theatre and television should begin to reflect that change and not solely rely on giving “minority” actors bit parts just to throw them a bone and say, “Here ya go, we’re open-minded and progressive!”

    In your journey on the path that is Canadian theatre, what have you learned and what do you want to learn?

    It’s not easy to succeed in this business, but you usually have to work hard for the things you really want in life. And sometimes you just have to take the initiative and do certain things yourself. No one is going to hand it to you. Metachroma is in control of their destiny right now, which is very exciting, and I wish them all the best in their future endeavours. 

    What’s next for you?

    The last year and a half has been pretty hectic. It’s time to take a trip somewhere. Got any suggestions?







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